Did You Know...?

It is no surprise, that promotional mugs are one of the most important products in corporate branding industry. Just to give you an idea, how big the potential market is: there are around 3 billion cups of tea drank on a daily basis. And we are talking only about tea!
One of the most asked question by companies, which are interested into buying promotional items, is: What do we get in return? There are many metrics to compare effectiveness of items; the most relevant is called brand impression. Brand impression means number of views logo of company gets in public for every euro invested. Objective of company is maximizing number of impressions for every euro invested.
Pens are type of product, that can be found everywhere. According to researches which studied presence of promotional items in various rooms of households, pen were situated everywhere. Pens had been found in/on office/desk, bedroom closer/storage area and in kitchen as well. Can you call to mind another product with similar visibility?
Forgotten are those times, when umbrellas were used for protection from the sun. Nowadays umbrellas are used mainly in order to provide shelter from rain. Popularity of umbrellas as promotional item grows steadily since 1970s.
Since when popularity of outdoor activities is on the rise, demand for outdoor equipment grows as well. Just to see some statistics from Eurobarometer (2009): 65% of EU citizens get some form of physical exercise at least once a week. Another fact is that around 48% of EU citizens prefer outdoor exercise to using indoor sports facilities.
The prominence of wine can be simple defined by extensiveness of its vocabulary: do not confuse Chianti with cabernet, brut with bottle bouquet or sec with sommelier. It is no wonder that wine lovers call for wine accessories that help them to serve wine at right temperature or to store it correctly.
There are two types of companies who should plan for tomorrow and invest in children’s promotional give-aways.
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