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How to create e-Enquiry

If you want to get instant calculation of desired products from your supplier, there is a smart tool on website excursion.info called e-Enquiry. e-Enquiry is a quick and reliable utility that sends your demand directly to supplier of promotional and gift items. This speeds up process of ordering and quotation as well. We will guide your through whole process in this article.
Excursion Excursion Excursion
  • Firstly, you need to add product to e-Enquiry. There are two possibilities of doing it: by clicking on button on Category page or directly on Product page. Do not forget to select the right color variant and desired product quantity.
  • If there are more products to be added to e-Enquiry, select them one-by-one and follow the previous instructions.
  • When you are done, click on the e-Enquiry button in header of excursion.info. Full preview of products already in e-Enquiry can be browsed here.
  • Always check whether selected product and quantity match your wishes. There is an option to change number of pieces of products in e-Enquiry tool or delete product completely.
  • Click on Continue. Fill out your supplier information and your contact details. Click on Continue again.
  • There is e-Enquiry summary displayed in e-Enquiry Overview. If something does not meet your expectations, click on Edit your e-Enquiry and correct discrepancies. In another case, send your enquiry by clicking on Place e-Enquiry.
  • Congratulation, your e-Enquiry has been sent!